PC Number: 2011-1297
Date: 2011-11-15

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, pursuant to paragraph 2(a) of the Public Service Rearrangement and Transfer of Duties Act, hereby transfers to Shared Services Canada, effective November 15, 2011, the control and supervision of the following portions of the federal public administration in each department and portion of the federal public administration set out in the schedule known as:


(a) the Email, Data Centre and Network Services Unit; and


(b) the Email, Data Centre and Network Services Support Unit.

Sur recommandation du premier ministre et en vertu de l’alinéa 2a) de la Loi sur les restructurations et les transferts d’attributions dans l’administration publique, Son Excellence le Gouverneur général en conseil transfère à Services partagés Canada la responsabilité à l’égard des secteurs ci-après de l’administration publique fédérale qui font partie de chaque ministère ou secteur de l’administration publique fédérale visé à l’annexe ci-jointe et qui sont connus sous les noms suivants :


a) Unité des Services de courriel, de centres de données et du réseau;


b) Unité de soutien à l’Unité des Services de courriel, de centres de données et du réseau.


Ces mesures prennent effet le 15 novembre 2011.

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 PC NumberDateChapterBillDept
ActNorthwest Territories Act
SubjectNWT Supreme Court - Deputy Judge Richard P. Marceau
PrecisOrder appointing the Honourable RICHARD P. MARCEAU as DEPUTY JUDGE of the SUPREME COURT of the NORTHWEST TERRITORIES.
Attachments1-OIC / DDC 
ActBoards of Trade Act
SubjectLacombe chamber of Commerce **CHANGE OF NAME**
PrecisApproval to grant the application of the LACOMBE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in Alberta to change its name to LACOMBE AND DISTRICT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.
Attachments1-OIC / DDC 
ActConstitution Act, 1867
SubjectSupplementary Estimates (B) ** 2011-12 **
PrecisTabling in Parliament of SUPPLEMENTARY ESTIMATES (B) for the fiscal year 2011-12.
Attachments1-OIC / DDC 
ActNational Energy Board Act
SubjectManitoba Hydro-Electric Board to Vary Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity EC-III-9
PrecisOrder approving the variation of Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity EC-III-9 currently held by Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board, in order to clarify that in the first paragraph the words "LA VERENDRYE SUBSTATION" be replaced with "LETELLIER STATION".
Attachments1-OIC / DDC 
ActIndian Act
SubjectLeasing - Beardy's and Okemasis Band
PrecisOrder (1) approving the leasing of approximately 19,902.33 hectares (49,179.73 acres) of land for the BEARDY'S and OKEMASIS BAND of a portion of Beardy’s Indian Reserve No. 97 and Okemasis No. 96, Beardy’s and Okemasis Indian Reserves Nos. 96 & 97-A, 96 & 97-B and 96 & 97-C, in Saskatchewan; and (2) amending the designation for clerical errors by Band Council Resolution No. 2010-2011-033 dated September 15, 2010.
Attachments1-OIC / DDC 
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