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ActNational Energy Board Act
SubjectOrder directing the National Energy Board to issue a Cerfiticate of Public Convenience and Necessity OC-64 to Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC
PrecisOrder (1) directing the National Energy Board (NEB) to issue a CERTIFICATE OF PUBLIC CONVENIENCE AND NECESSITY OC-64 to TRANS MOUNTAIN PIPELINE ULC in respect of the proposed construction and operation of the Trans Expansion Project, subject to the terms and conditions set out in Appendix 3 of the NEB Report of May 19, 2016 entitled Trans Mountain Expansion Project OH-001-2014; and (2) approving the ISSUANCE by NEB to Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC of Amending Orders AO-002-OC-49 and AO-003-OC-2.
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ActSpecial Economic Measures Act
SubjectRegulations Amending the Special Economic Measures (Ukraine) Regulations
PrecisRegulations Amending the SPECIAL ECONOMIC MEASURES (UKRAINE) REGULATIONS in order to add fifteen individuals to the schedule.
RegistrationRegistration:  SOR/2016-0304   Publication Date:  2016-12-14
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ActFederal Real Property and Federal Immovables Act
SubjectFederal Real Property from The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited ** Transfer **
PrecisOrder transferring the administration of the federal real property from THE FEDERAL BRIDGE CORPORATION LIMITED, an agent corporation, to the Minister of Transport, without consideration.
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ActOther Than Statutory Authority
SubjectDeclarations of the European Space Agency relating to existing programs.
PrecisOrder authorizing the Minister of Foreign Affairs to recommend that the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and other designated officials be authorized to commit the Government of Canada, including through a vote, at the 2016 Ministerial Council and subsequent related meetings, on the DECLARATIONS OF THE EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY RELATING TO EXISTING PROGRAMS.
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ActConstitution Act, 1867
SubjectAdministrator of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
PrecisAppointment of the Hon. B. GALE WELSH to serve as ADMINISTRATOR of the Government of NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR from December 1 to 3, 2016, inclusive.
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