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 PC NumberDateChapterBillDept
ActPatent Act
SubjectOrder Amending Schedule 1 to the Patent Act (2014-1)
PrecisOrder Amending SCHEDULE 1 TO THE PATENT ACT (2014-1) in order to increase access to lower-cost Canadian made generic versions of patented pharmaceutical products to address public health problems in developing and least-developed countries.
RegistrationRegistration:  SOR/2015-0154   Publication Date:  2015-07-01
Attachments1-OIC / DDC 
ActRoyal Canadian Mint Act
SubjectOrder Authorizing the Issue of Circulation Coins of a Two Dollar and Two Twenty-five Cent Specifying the Characteristics and Determining the Design
PrecisOrder authorizing the issuance of a $2 circulation coin and two 25-cent circulation coins with new designs in order to honour all Canadian veterans and current members of the Canadian Forces.
RegistrationRegistration:  SOR/2015-0153   Publication Date:  2015-07-01
Attachments1-OIC / DDC 
ActFreezing Assets of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act
SubjectRegulations Amending the Freezing Assets of Corrupt Foreign Officials (Tunisia and Egypt) Regulations
PrecisRegulations Amending the FREEZING ASSETS OF CORRUPT FOREIGN OFFICIALS (TUNISIA AND EGYPT) REGULATIONS in order to (1) ensure that misappropriated assets held by officials of the former government are frozen so that politically exposed foreign persons may be held accountable; and (2) signal Canada's support for accountability, rule of law and a transition to democracy in Egypt.
RegistrationRegistration:  SOR/2015-0152   Publication Date:  2015-07-01
Attachments1-OIC / DDC 
ActEmployment Insurance Act
SubjectRegulations Amending the Employment Insurance Regulations
PrecisRegulations Amending the EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE REGULATIONS in order to create a new, one-year pilot project with the same parameters as the current pilot project to further test the impact of the parameters on work incentives.
RegistrationRegistration:  SOR/2015-0151   Publication Date:  2015-07-01
Attachments1-OIC / DDC 
 2015-08172015-06-172015, 5VAC
ActVeterans Hiring Act
SubjectOrder Fixing July 1, 2015 as the Day on which the Act Comes into Force
PrecisOrder fixing July 1, 2015, as the day on which the VETERANS HIRING ACT, chapter 5 of the Statutes of Canada, 2015, COMES INTO FORCE, other than section 14, which came into force on assent.
RegistrationRegistration:  SI/2015-0054   Publication Date:  2015-07-01
Attachments1-OIC / DDC 
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