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ActBoards of Trade Act
SubjectLa Chambre de commerce de Chapais (Quebec) ** Dissolution **
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ActCanada Transportation Act
SubjectTERMPOL Review Process ** Agreement **
PrecisOrder approving that the Minister of Transport ENTER INTO AGREEMENTS with persons or organizations who request a technical review (TERMPOL Review) of their proposed project to construct, modify or recommission a marine terminal system or transshipment site through the Government of Canada’s TERMPOL Review process to defray the Government of Canada’s costs incurred in administering a TERMPOL Review.
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ActCanada Marine Act
SubjectSaint John Port Authority Borrowing Limit ** Increase **
PrecisOrder approving the Supplementary Letters Patent provision Amending Article 9 of the Letters Patent issued to the SAINT JOHN PORT AUTHORITY to increase its borrowing limit.
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ActEmergency Management Act
SubjectProvincial Emergency Financial Assistance Order No. 204, Manibota
PrecisPROVINCIAL EMERGENCY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE ORDER NO. 204 which makes a declaration of federal concern and authorizes the provision of financial assistance to the province of MANITOBA, with respect to the HEAVY RAINSTORM that affected the province from June 24 to 26, 2016, in the Rural Municipality of Whitemouth and the Whiteshell Provincial Park which created overland flooding in the region.
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ActNational Capital Act
SubjectNational Capital Commission ** land exchange **
PrecisOrder authorizing the NATIONAL CAPITAL COMMISSION (NCC) to conclude a land exchange with the Department of Public Services and Procurement to acquire NCC lands to rehabilitate the Government Conference Centre to provide an interim Senate function until the retrofit at the Centre Block, where the Senate Chamber is located, is fully rehabilitated.
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