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ActExport Development Act
PrecisAppointment of MARTINE M. IRMAN of Toronto, Ontario, to be Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Export Development Canada, to hold office during pleasure for a term of four years.
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ActPublic Service Employment Act
PrecisAppointment of JEAN-FRANÇOIS TREMBLAY of Ottawa, Ontario, to be Special Advisor to the Minister of Indigenous Services, styled as Deputy Minister of Indigenous Services, to be concurrently Deputy Minister of Indigenous Services Canada, to hold office during pleasure, effective November 30, 2017.
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ActCanadian Security Intelligence Service Act
SubjectOrder Amending the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act Deputy Heads of the Public Service of Canada Order
PrecisOrder amending the CANADIAN SECURITY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE ACT DEPUTY HEADS OF THE PUBLIC SERVICE OF CANADA ORDER in order to add in column I Department of Indigenous Services Canada and column II Deputy Minister.
RegistrationRegistration:  SI/2017-0080   Publication Date:  2017-12-13
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ActPrivacy Act
SubjectOrder Amending the Schedule to the Privacy Act
PrecisOrder Amending the SCHEDULE TO THE PRIVACY ACT in order to add Department of Indigenous Services Canada.
RegistrationRegistration:  SOR/2017-0258   Publication Date:  2017-12-13
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ActAccess to Information Act
SubjectOrder Amending Schedule I to the Access to Information Act
PrecisOrder Amending SCHEDULE I TO THE ACCESS TO INFORMATION ACT in order to add Department of Indigenous Services Canada.
RegistrationRegistration:  SOR/2017-0257   Publication Date:  2017-12-13
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