Visiting Senior Public Policy Fellowship Program

The Public Service of Canada is committed to building a strong dialogue on public policy through the exchange of ideas, the promotion of research and the establishment of partnerships with post-secondary schools of public policy and public policy research institutions.

Applying for a Fellowship

The Visiting Senior Public Policy Fellowship Program is an opportunity for schools of public policy and public policy institutions to apply to receive a senior Public Service leader (a deputy minister or assistant deputy minister) for up to one year to work together on issues of mutual interest and relevance.

The Clerk of the Privy Council will issue an annual call letter to all post-secondary schools of public policy/administration as well as public policy research institutions.

Each institution will be invited to make an application to receive a visiting senior public service leader by identifying a specific public policy project to which the leader could make a valuable contribution. The project description should clearly demonstrate:

  • the benefit to both the institution and the Public Service of Canada;
  • the expected role of the Fellow;
  • the expected results to be achieved within the year;
  • the proposed plan to diffuse the knowledge/research at the end of the fellowship; and
  • the desired skills and attributes of the Fellow in taking on this work.

Selection of the Fellowship

The Clerk of the Privy Council will select one successful placement annually based on the relevance of the proposal to the priorities of the Public Service and the anticipated results of the project. The decision will also be based on the availability of senior leaders and their skill sets in relation to the needs of the project.

Program Costs

The Privy Council Office will assume all costs related to the compensation of the Fellow. The receiving institution will assume responsibility for any other costs.

Further Information

  • Famida Rao
    Senior Leadership Advisor
    Senior Personnel Secretariat
    Privy Council Office
    59 Sparks St. (Postal Station B) Room 109
    Ottawa, ON. K1A 0A3