Annual Performance Pay Results

The Performance Management Program (PMP) aims to provide a consistent and equitable framework for the management of the performance of senior public servants. The PMP encourages excellent performance in the senior ranks of the public service by recognizing and rewarding the achievement of results linked to business plans and government objectives and the demonstration of leadership competencies.

Cash compensation for senior personnel has two components - base salary and performance pay. Performance pay has two elements - a variable amount (at-risk pay) which must be re-earned each year and a bonus for performance that surpasses expectations. Those who are rated "unable to assess" or "did not meet" receive no at-risk pay or bonus.

The breakdown between at-risk pay and bonuses for the Performance Cycle is as follows:

Deputy Ministers
Performance Pay DM-1 DM-2/3 DM-4
No At-Risk Pay --- --- ---
At-Risk Pay Up to 20% Up to 25% Up to 30%
Bonus Up to an additional 6% Up to an additional 8% Up to an additional 9%

Heads of Agencies and other GiC Appointees
Performance Pay GC-1 to GC-5 GC-6 to GC-9 GC-10
No At-Risk Pay --- --- ---
At-Risk Pay Up to 10.6% Up to 17.4% Up to 20.4%
Bonus Up to an additional 3% Up to an additional 6% Up to an additional 8%

Chief Executive Officers of Crown Corporations
Performance Pay Groups 1 to 3
% of salary
Groups 4 and 5
% of salary
Groups 6 and 7
% of salary
Group 8
% of salary
No Performance Pay --- --- --- ---
Some Performance Pay Up to 11.25% Up to 19.5% Up to 21% Up to 24.75%
Maximum Performance Pay Up to 15% Up to 26% Up to 28% Up to 33%

Results for the Performance Cycle