The 2013 Outstanding Achievement Award of the Public Service of Canada

2013 Outstanding Achievement Award Program Booklet

The Outstanding Achievement
Award of the Public Service
of Canada
Rideau Hall

The Government of Canada introduced The Outstanding Achievement Award in 1966. Considered to be the most prestigious award in the public service, this award is presented to senior public service employees who have distinguished themselves by a sustained commitment to excellence.

Selection Committee

The OAA Selection Committee is appointed by the Prime Minister of Canada to review nominations and provide its recommendations to him. The Committee is comprised of distinguished Canadians and a representative from the Prime Minister’s Office.

  • L. Denis Desautels - Chairman
  • Peter MacKinnon
  • Joanne McNamara
  • The Honourable Larry Smith
  • Kay Stanley
  • Barbara Stymiest

Recipient of The 2013 Outstanding Achievement Award

Renée Jolicoeur

Privy Council Office

Renée JolicoeurLeadership, dedication and a focus on clients are the hallmarks of the exemplary and distinguished public service career of Renée Jolicoeur. Without her drive and determination, the Government of Canada would not have achieved its world-renowned reputation as a leader in pension administration, financial reconciliation and the use of technology-based client-service.

With a Bachelor's degree in Geography from Université Laval, Ms. Jolicoeur joined the public service of Canada and occupied a series of progressively more senior positions with the Public Service Commission, Transport Canada and National Defence, in the areas of finance, auditing and human resources. In 1996, with the Department of National Defence, she began a specialization in compensation administration that has endured to this day. Throughout this time, Ms. Jolicoeur has maintained an unwavering commitment to the vision of modern and client-centric government services, while fostering extensive collaboration across the public service to achieve clear goals in very challenging circumstances.

In her capacity as the point person responsible for supporting the receiver general and the deputy receiver general of Canada, Ms. Jolicoeur ensured that financial data— captured from the more than 130 organizations that constitute the source of the annual production of the Public Accounts of Canada and the daily reconciliation of the books of Canada—was accurate, automated and sustained. As a result of her efforts, the Government of Canada has received a clean record from the Auditor General of Canada for its Public Accounts—an unparalleled record among countries around the world.

Ms. Jolicoeur's tireless work on the transformation of pension administration resulted in the creation of a sustainable, flexible and client-based service that leveraged emerging technologies. Through her commitment, a 40-year-old system of disaggregated business processes and information technology (IT) systems were transformed into a seamless electronic and data capture and imaging-based process, providing a consolidated and centralized pension service centre in Shediac, New Brunswick. This initiative resulted in a government-wide annual savings of $23 million, and the model is now being replicated in the American and Australian pension industries. It is considered to be one of the world's most modern and innovative pension service systems.

Ms. Jolicoeur also launched the pay modernization and consolidation initiative again to modernize a 40-year-old IT system and to create a compensation service centre through the consolidation of all pay advisory services and functions for government departments. She has been instrumental in working across government and with bargaining agents to mobilize compensation advisors in support of this important initiative, as well as with the Government of New Brunswick and post-secondary institutions to develop a training and recruitment initiative to create a pool of skilled compensation service providers.

Throughout her career, Ms. Jolicoeur has been a strong leader and a visionary. She has demonstrated an unwavering ability to make bold decisions and to chart new territory in technology and service delivery. She is considered an ultimate team player who fosters extensive collaboration among all partners and who possesses a remarkable ability to achieve government priorities. Ms. Jolicoeur is a truly transformative and accomplished leader who has made substantial contributions to the public service of Canada.