Security and Intelligence

The Security and Intelligence Secretariat provides advice and support to the Prime Minister and Cabinet on major security issues.

It is one of three secretariats that provide support to the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister. The others are the International Assessment Staff and Foreign and Defence Policy.

The Security and Intelligence Secretariat:

  • Advises on national security and intelligence issues
  • Supports Cabinet in managing national security and intelligence activities
  • Coordinates federal activities within the security and intelligence community 
  • Coordinates federal responses to emergencies
  • Maintains and strengthens relationships with Canada's allies on security and intelligence issues (including the Canada-U.S. border)
  • Oversees security arrangements for the Prime Minister, the Governor General and Cabinet
  • Advises departments and agencies on internal security issues
  • Coordinates security for the parliamentary precinct

Cabinet Committee for Foreign Affairs and Security

The secretariat provides support and secretariat services to the Cabinet Committee for Foreign Affairs and Security . It also works closely with the Foreign Affairs and Defence Policy Secretariat  on any foreign policy issues that come before the Committee.

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