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Orders in Council Division

The Orders in Council Division provides advice and support to the Clerk of the Privy Council on a range of activities relating to the use and management of Orders in Council, Regulations and other Statutory Instruments.

The Clerk of the Privy Council is responsible for these activities under the Statutory Instruments Act.

The Division also provides secretariat support to the Treasury Board Cabinet Committee in relation to its role in approving Orders in Council, Regulations and other Statutory Instruments.

Among its activities, the Division:

  • Produces and distributes Orders in Council
  • Prepares a weekly agenda of Orders in Council for approval by Treasury Board
  • Sends Orders in Council and Statutory Instruments to the Governor General for approval
  • Registers and publishes regulations in Part II of the Canada Gazette
  • Maintains records of approved Orders in Council, together with:
    • Canada Gazette (Part II)
    • Several Oath Books
  • Plans swearing-in ceremonies at Rideau Hall (includes Cabinet shuffles)
  • Receives submissions and prepares Orders in Council for appointments and special events
  • Responds to public inquiries regarding Orders in Council

Search Our Database

The Division maintains a searchable database. Researchers and members of the public can use the database to access any Order in Council issued since 1990.

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