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Orders in Council Division

Orders in Council Division

The Orders in Council Division provides advice and support to the Clerk of the Privy Council on a range of activities relating to the use and management of Orders in Council, Regulations and other Statutory Instruments.

The Division organizes swearing-in ceremonies for ministers, members of the Privy Council and chief justices of the Supreme and Federal Courts. The OIC Division provides secretariat support to Cabinet regarding Governor in Council (GIC) appointments, including those of Deputy Ministers, Heads of Agencies, Crown Corporation Chief Executive Officers and Directors, Ambassadors, and members of quasi-judicial review boards and tribunals. The Division also provides secretariat support to the Treasury Board members’ in their Governor in Council role regarding OICs and Regulations.

As such the OIC Division:

  • receives GIC submissions from Ministers;
  • distributes a weekly agenda and supporting material to TB members;
  • prepares OICs and sends them to the Governor General for signature following Cabinet or Treasury Board member’s approval;
  • performs the Clerk’s responsibilities under the Statutory Instruments Act regarding the registration and publication of certain OICs in the Canada Gazette;
  • distributes certified true copies to sponsoring Ministers;
  • posts approved OICs on the web on the third working day following approval by the Governor General (or earlier in exceptional circumstances if requested by the responsible Minister);
  • maintains the official GIC files and Oath Books; and
  • responds to public enquiries.

Search Our Database

The Division maintains a searchable database. Researchers and members of the public can use the database to access any Order in Council issued since 1990.