2016-17 Report on Plans and Priorities

Upcoming Internal Audits and Evaluations Over the Next Three Fiscal Years

A. All upcoming Internal Audits over the next three fiscal years

Title of Internal Audit Internal Audit Type Status Expected Completion Date
Audit of the Management and Use of Acquisition Cards Assurance - Financial Management In Progress July 2016
Follow-Up Audit of Information Technology Security Assurance - Internal Service Planned January 2017
Audit of the Parliamentary Returns Process Assurance - Parliamentary Returns Planned October 2017
Audit of Integrated Risk Management Assurance - Risk Management Planned January 2018
Audit of PCO Planning for Continuity of Constitutional Government Assurance - Continuity of Constitutional Government Planned July 2018

Note: Planned audits are re-evaluated annually as part of PCO's multi-year, risk-based, internal audit planning process. Completion dates are the dates by which the reports are expected to be approved by the Clerk.

B. Evaluations

Link to Departmental Program Alignment Architecture Title of Evaluation Planned Evaluation Start Date Planned Deputy Head Approval Date
Sub-Program 1.3.1 - Business Transformation and Renewal Evaluation of the Central Innovation Hub February 2018 October 2018