Appendix A — Information Gathering Checklist

Major Responsibilities

  • What is the overall purpose of the job?
  • What are the major responsibilities the job is intended to achieve?
  • Which are the most time-consuming?

Program or Legislative Responsibilities

  • What is the incumbent's role in administering the legislation or program?
  • What is the incumbent's role in formulating or recommending policy?

Authority and Assistance

  • What are the most important decisions the incumbent makes?
  • About what does the incumbent inform his/her superior before taking action?
  • What are the most important recommendations the incumbent makes to his/her superior?
  • What other responsibilities does the incumbent have that may not usually be associated with such a position?

Relations with Others

  • To whom does the position report?
  • What aspects of the environment surrounding the job make it more difficult to accomplish its objectives?
  • What subordinates report to the position?
  • Who else reports to the position's immediate superior?

Hardest Part of the Job

  • What are the major headaches?
  • What is the greatest challenge?
  • What are the most complex problems?
  • What initiatives are the incumbent called upon to initiate or participate in?

Statistics on Job Dimensions

  • What are the approximate numerical values of the items, which help to explain the overall size of your job?

Working Environment and Conditions

  • What element of the job cannot be changed to mitigate the conditions?
  • What sensitivities must the incumbent be aware of and incorporate into the work?
  • Are the conditions temporary or permanent?

Core Competencies

  • What issues does the incumbent have to deal with in an innovative manner?
  • What is the incumbent's role in leading the group or supporting the leadership of the organization?
  • What are the different kinds of situations which the incumbent is called upon to react to or incorporate in his/her work?
  • What non-verbal messages does the incumbent have to respond to in his/her work?