Part 2 - Making Acts

Chapter 2.6 - Post-enactment Review

  • Overview: This chapter encourages officials to conduct a review of each legislative project once the bill has been enacted by Parliament.
  • Audience: Legislative project managers and other officials who were involved in policy development and in the preparation and enactment of a bill.
  • Key Messages: A review of the legislative project is indispensable for improving the management and execution of future projects.

Post-enactment Review: Issues to be considered

Evaluating the performance of the legislative project team against its legislative plan is an essential part of all project planning. Once a bill has been passed, the team should spend some time looking at what happened and why. You may have to do this at several stages, calling together the team members at various levels.

Suggested issues to cover during a post-enactment review are:

  • Resources: Were they sufficient?
  • Infrastructure: Was it adequate?
  • Support: Did the team successfully mobilize all areas of the department needed to support the project (for example, officials responsible for communications, consultation and parliamentary relations)?
  • Cooperation: Did the team work successfully with the Minister's office and with parliamentary personnel?
  • Planning: Was it accurate?
  • Project control and management: Was the project well managed?