Guide Book for Heads of Agencies Operation, Structures and Responsibilities in the Federal Government

Table of Contents 

  1. I Introduction
  2. II Governor in Council Appointments
    1. Overview
    2. The Agency Head
    3. The Minister’s Office
    4. The Portfolio Department
    5. The Director of Appointments, Prime Minister’s Office
    6. The Management Priorities and Senior Personnel Secretariat
    7. The Office of the Ethics Counsellor
    8. The Assistant Clerk of the Privy Council (Orders in Council)
    9. Advertisement of Vacancies in the Canada Gazette
    10. Parliamentary Review of Governor in Council Appointments
  3. III Public Sector Organizations
    1. Departments
    2. Agencies, Boards and Commissions
    3. Crown Corporations
  4. IV Portfolio Management
    1. Portfolio
    2. What is Portfolio Management?
    3. Role of Deputy Ministers
    4. Role of Heads of Organizations
  5. V Responsibility and Accountability
    1. Introduction
    2. Responsibility, Accountability and Answerability of Heads of Agencies
  6. VI General Management Responsibilities
    1. Human Resources Management
      1. The Agency Head and Board Members
      2. The Agency Head and Employees
    2. Official Languages
    3. Comptrollership
    4. Travel and Hospitality
      1. Travel
      2. Hospitality
    5. Financial Contract and Asset Management
    6. Internal Audit and Program Evaluation
      1. Internal Audit
      2. Program Expenditures
  7. VII Business Planning and Expenditure Management
    1. Business Planning
    2. Citizen/Client-Centred Service Delivery
    3. Expenditure Management System of the Government of Canada
    4. Parliamentary Authority on Government Expenditures
    5. Budget and the Estimates
    6. Parliamentary Review of Expenditures
  8. VIII Performance Measurement and Reporting to Parliament
    1. Improved Reporting to Parliament
    2. Performance Measurement and Reporting
  9. IX Public Service Values and Conflict of Interest
    1. Ethics Framework
    2. The Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment Code for Public Office Holders
  10. X Networks
    1. Portfolio Networks
    2. Agency Heads Lunch and Update Program
    3. Small Agencies Administrators Networks (SAAN)
    4. Training and Development Programs
    5. Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals
    6. Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice
    7. Tribunal Heads Forum, convened by the Deputy Minister of Justice
  11. Annexes: Key Federal Structures
    1. The Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council Office
    2. The Treasury Board Secretariat
    3. The Public Service Commission
    4. The Canadian Centre for Management Development
    5. The Office of the Auditor General