VIII Performance measurement and reporting to Parliament

One of the key objectives of Modern Comptrollership is to create a strategic framework within which financial and non-financial information and analysis can be considered, and from which results-oriented performance reporting can be developed for the credible communication of the Government’s intentions, choices and rationale for programs and services to Canadians. The following paragraphs highlight public performance measurement and reporting mechanisms which are relevant to agency heads.

1. Improved Reporting to Parliament

The Government of Canada is committed not only to measuring and reporting on results, but also to establishing clear standards against which actual performance will be reported. Three parliamentary instruments are crucial in working towards these objectives. The government-wide report on performance, Accounting for Results, tabled each fall as part of the "Fall Reporting Package," summarizes the key results commitments of all federal departments and agencies. Reports on Plans and Priorities, which are tabled in the spring along with the government’s Main Estimates, establish the specific goals against which actual performance will be measured. Departmental Performance Reports are Estimates documents which are tabled in the fall. They report on results and achievements against the commitments and targets that were established in the government-wide report and the departmental Reports on Plans on Priorities. The Departmental Performance Reports and the Reports on Plans and Priorities replace the previous Part III of the Estimates as part of the Improved Reporting to Parliament Project.

2. Performance Measurement and Reporting

It is government policy that agencies measure and be able to credibly demonstrate the performance of their programs and activities. Measuring results and other important aspects of performance and reporting to Parliament on performance

are important components of the Government’s broader initiative to implement results-based management, enhance policy capacity and promote continuous learning.

The Government direction and policy is to provide members of Parliament and the public with relevant, accurate, consolidated, and timely information on how tax dollars are being spent and what Canadians receive as a result. In particular, as part of the annual Estimates process by which Parliament supplies the Government with resources to carry out its mandate, all departments and agencies now provide annually Departmental Performance Reports to report on results achieved.

These Departmental Performance Reports are based upon departmental key result commitments, tabled in the annual government-wide report, Accounting for Results, and the corresponding performance measurement strategies which focus on the outcomes of government policies and programs. The government-wide and departmental reports are tabled in Parliament each fall by the President of the Treasury Board and may be referred to the relevant Standing Committee of the House of Common for further review.

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