Annex D : The Canadian Centre for Management Development (CCMD)

The CCMD is a departmental corporation established by legislation which came into force on December 1, 1991. It gave the centre a strong mandate as the Government’s executive development institution, which focuses on enhancing public sector management capabilities and promoting a strong corporate culture in the federal public service.

CCMD’s enabling legislation articulated seven objectives for the Centre:

  1. to encourage pride and excellence in the management of the public service and to foster among public service managers a sense of the purpose, values and traditions of the public service;
  2. to help ensure that managers in the public service have the analytical, creative, advisory, administrative and other managerial skills and knowledge necessary to develop and implement policy, respond to change, including changes in social, cultural, racial and linguistic character of Canadian society, and manage government programs, services and personnel efficiently, effectively and equitably;
  3. to help managers in the public service develop a successful cooperative relationship with staff members at all levels through leadership, motivation, effective internal communications and the encouragement of innovation, high-quality service to the public and skills development;
  4. to develop within the public service and to attract to the public service, through the Centre’s programs and studies, persons who are of high caliber and who reflect the diversity of Canadian society, and to support their growth and development as public sector managers committed to the service of Canada;
  5. to formulate and provide training, orientation and development programs for managers in the public sector and particularly for senior managers in the public service;
  6. to study and conduct research into the theory and practice of public sector management; and
  7. to encourage a greater awareness in Canada of issues related to public sector management and the role and functions of government and to involve a broad range of individuals and institutions in the Centre’s pursuit of excellence in public administration.

The Centre is managed by a Board made up of members from the public and private sectors which is chaired by the Clerk of the Privy Council.

1. Programs for Agencies

Because the agency head community is a relatively small one, programs designed specifically for agency heads or agency staff have provided on the basis of needs defined in consultation with agency heads. The Centre will continue to respond in this way. The following are examples of programs that have been offered:

  1. Agency Heads Lunch and Update Program - This program is an initiative of the agency heads with support provided by CCMD.
  2. Agency Heads’ Orientation Program - A one to two-day course designed to introduce newly appointed heads to the workings of government. The course focused on the special concepts and knowledge required to manage agencies effectively, in particular the relationships between the head and the Minister, the Minister’s Deputy and working arrangements with the DM’s department, the agency’s governing council or board, central agencies (e.g. PCO, TBS) and the agency staff.
  3. Leadership at the Top for Agency Heads - This two-day residential course assessed participants leadership skills against characteristics of successful leaders and provided a framework for discussing how this knowledge could be used to help participants increase their effectiveness in their dealings with their colleagues and staff. It also provided a unique opportunity for participants to examine actual leadership issues facing agency heads, through group discussions and exercises.
  4. Appearing before Parliamentary Committees - A one and a half day course designed to help heads communicate more effectively when appearing before parliamentary committees. Simulations were a major part of the program. Custom courses were also provided for heads and their staff prior to actual appearances.
  5. Training Program for Tribunal Members - A one week program, built around a series of simulations, designed to provide members of administrative tribunals very practical training in conducting hearings. It is ideal for new members and an excellent refresher for more seasoned members. The number of programs provided per year depends on the demands.

2. Core Executive Programs

CCMD provides a range of programs for government executives and future executives. Many of these programs are open to heads or their staff. In some cases enrollment is controlled by CCMD and in others, where the programs support a corporate development initiative, it may be controlled centrally.

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