Report of the Expert Panel on Integrated Business and Human Resources Planning in the Federal Public Service

Figure 5: Service Management Structural Model

As part of their Human Resources Management Strategy, Service Canada developed a structural model that organized their work into four business streams.

At the top of the model is box for the Executive Head Service Management.

Beneath this box are two boxes: Strategic Services (on the left) and National Enabling Functions (on the right). Each of these have a number of sub-elements:

  • Strategic Services
    • Planning and reporting
    • Communications and marketing
    • Ministerial correspondence
    • Federal-provincial and stakeholder relations
  • National Enabling Functions
    • Human resources
    • Finance and administration
    • Information technology

Beneath these two boxes are the Four Business Stream boxes. These are: 1:Citizen Services, 2: Labour Market and Social Development Programs, 3: Integrity services and 4: Processing and Payment Services

All of the four Business Stream boxes list the same two sub-elements: Operational and Business Expertise.