Audit of Recordkeeping Transformation

The Government of Canada's Information Management Strategy

The Government of Canada’s (GC) 2010 Information Management (IM) Strategy sets out four (4) strategic goals in support of the GC’s vision for a coordinated approach to the effective enterprise level management of information assets. The four strategic goals associated with this GC Strategy are:

  1. Policy and Governance - A fully implemented set of policy instruments supporting information management outcomes, defined accountabilities, and enterprise information management governance.
  2. People and Capacity - A highly-skilled GC workforce that achieves information management outcomes by applying the appropriate information management policy instruments.
  3. Enterprise Information Architecture - A fully documented and sustainable set of information architecture services, principles, methods, standards and processes that respond to the information needs of the GC enterprise.
  4. IM Tools and Applications - Enterprise information management tools that fully support the business user and that are compliant with the information architecture.