Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Senior Level Employees (Historical)

Mendes, Errol, Senior Advisor Responsible for Diversity and Special Projects

Travel Expenses - 2006

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
02-07 to 02-09 Trip to Toronto to attend The Corporate Ethics Management Council $947.64
02-27 to 02-28 Trip to Toronto for a meeting with the representative for the External Advisory Group $1,081.50
03-06 to 03-10 Trip to Paris to attend the Franco-Canadian conference on dialogue with the Muslim world $5,855.76
03-18 to 03-20 Trip to Toronto to attend the Public Policy Forum $1,080.51
05-01 to 05-02 Trip to Toronto to attend the Prosperity, Diversity and Citizenship Conference $934.28
06-01 Trip to Toronto to attend Transport Canada's 5th Annual National Diversity Conference $790.34
*Total: $10,690.03

Hospitality Expenses - 2006

Date(s) Event Description Cost
01-18 Reception on mentoring pilot project $688.99
01-30 Breakfast meeting with Member of Senate on various diversity issues $45.71
02-08 Refreshments for meeting of the Panning Committee Members, Canada Diversity and Economic Prosperity $10.00
03-01 to 05-31 Coffee and refreshments for meetings (March to May 2006) $133.90
03-14 Lunch meeting $69.12
03-16 Lunch meeting $45.17
04-03 Dinner meeting with senior government officials $110.41
04-19 Deputy Ministers' breakfast $19.71
04-20 Lunch meeting with Senior Officials from The Conference Board of Canada $58.36
06-01 to 08-31 Coffee and refreshments for meetings (June to August 2006) $14.30
06-28 Refreshments for a meeting $114.14
*Total: $1,309.81

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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