Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Senior Level Employees (Historical)

Moloney, David, Senior Advisor to the Privy Council Office, responsible for Border Action Plan Implementation (ending May 6, 2014)

Travel Expenses - 2012

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-30 Trip to Washington, DC, for various meetings $925.33
02-06 to 02-08 Trip to Toronto, Detroit and Windsor for various meetings $2,139.97
05-10 to 05-11 Trip to Montréal $492.79
06-11 to 06-13 Trip to Saint-John as a keynote speaker at the Port days 2012 conference, Halifax for a visit at the Port and to Montreal for a presentation at the International Economic Forum of the Americas $1,069.38
07-09 Trip to Washington to participate in panel discussion at Woodrow Wilson Center, meet counterpart at White House and brief embassy of Canada staff $962.73
07-30 to 07-31 Trip to Burlington for participation at the conference of the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers $641.79
09-26 to 10-01 Trip to Winnipeg for participation in the North American Strategy Competitiveness Conference, visit border crossings and meet with regional officials $954.37
10-22 to 10-26 Trip to Seattle for a presentations to Beyond the Border and Regulatory Cooperation Council stakeholders and to Vancouver and Victoria for meetings with provincial officials $3,415.07
11-01 Trip to Washington $998.38
11-05 Trip to Washington DC for meetings with United States counterparts $925.83
11-27 Trip to Washington for meeting with United States counterparts $630.30
12-02 to 12-04 Trip to Toronto and Mississauga for outreach with stakeholders and consultations $1,685.40
12-17 to 12-18 Trip to Washington for meetings with counterparts $586.39
*Total: $15,427.73

Hospitality Expenses - 2012

Date(s) Event Description Cost
01-19 Refreshments: 1 hour meeting of Core Deputy Ministers committee on Core Border Action Plan $35.95
01-25 Dinner and refreshments for Deputy Ministers' retreat $38.65
02-09 Refreshments: 1 hour meeting of Core Deputy Ministers committee on Core Border Action Plan $40.00
02-15 Refreshments for a meeting with Chief executive officers and Presidents from non-governmental organizations $25.00
06-20 Lunch, dinner and refreshments for Deputy Ministers’ retreat $74.35
06-21 Breakfast, lunch and refreshments for the Canada-United-States Steering committee's meeting $1,415.65
12-04 Refreshments for a stakeholders roundtable $25.42
*Total: $1,655.02

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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