Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Senior Level Employees (Historical)

Fried, Jonathan, Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister and Head of Global Affairs and Canada-United States Secretariats

Travel Expenses - 2005

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-14 to 01-23 Accompany Prime Minister to Asia (government aircraft) $376.53
01-27 to 01-30 Trip to Davos to attend World Economic Forum 2005 Annual Meeting $7,228.58
02-04 to 02-05 Trip to London to attend the European and L-G20 Heads of Mission Meeting $4,884.95
02-07 Trip to Washington for Meeting with American Counterparts $2,089.27
02-20 to 02-22 Accompany Prime Minister to Belgium to attend the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Summit and Bilateral Meeting (government aircraft) $155.59
03-05 to 03-08 Trip to Cancun to attend Symposium on Canada-Mexico Partnership $2,903.81
03-14 to 03-15 Trip to Calgary to attend a CD Howe Institute Policy Seminar $2,952.02
03-22 to 03-23 Accompany Prime Minister to Texas to meet with the President of the United States and the President of Mexico (government aircraft) $57.49
04-25 to 04-28 Trip to Tokyo for Meeting with Japanese and Chinese Counterparts to discuss the L20 in Tokyo and Beijing $10,190.86
05-18 to 05-22 Trip to Middle East - Meeting with American and Mexican Counterparts; Meeting with Israeli Counterparts and Government Officials; Attend World Economic Forum (portion of expenses recoverable from other source) $10,906.67
06-18 to 06-19 Accompany Prime Minister and attend the Canada-European Union Summit (expenses recoverable from other source) $1,181.45
07-03 to 07-08 Accompany Prime Minister to Ireland and Scotland for Bilateral Meeting and G8 Summit (government aircraft) $269.20
07-29 Accompany Prime Minister to Winnipeg for the official visit of the Prime Minister of Iceland $2,323.46
08-30 Attendee to the Prime Minister for the Non-governmental Organization Comittee on Development Meeting and the Prime Minister's Conference call with Ministers Stronach, Carroll and Mitchell on avian flu $102.35
09-14 to 09-16 Accompany Prime Minister to New York for the United Nations General Assembly Meeting (expenses recoverable from other source) (Government aircraft) $1,069.58
09-29 to 09-30 Accompany the Hon. Anne McLellan for Official Dinner in Honor of H.E. Vicente Fox, Mexican President and accompany Prime Minister to a lunch meeting with the Mexican President $632.66
10-05 to 10-06 Accompany Prime Minister to New York where he addressed The Economic Club of New York (expenses recoverable from other source) $127.24
10-16 Trip to Kingston to Spoke before the "Fifth Leadership Symposium Queen's University of Kingston" $78.81
11-03 to 11-06 Accompany Prime Minister to «Summit of the Americas» Meeting in Mar Del Plata (expenses recoverable from other source) $119.25
11-09 Trip to Toronto to Address a Group of Senior Bussiness & Academic people at Munk Centre for International studies, University of Toronto $36.04
11-16 to 11-19 Accompany Prime Minister to the 13th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders' Meeting (government aircraft) $272.00
11-23 to 11-24 Accompany Prime Minister to the European Union video conference $1,946.66
11-28 to 12-01 Trip to Stockholm to attend the Leaders Network in Support of United Nations Reform and Trip to London for meeting with British Government Officials $7,932.07
*Total: $57,836.54

Hospitality Expenses - 2005

Date(s) Event Description Cost
01-14 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $10.90
02-04 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $8.24
02-11 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $12.20
02-16 Lunch Meeting for Coordinating Committee of Deputy Ministers $31.11
02-18 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $12.53
02-25 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $12.46
03-01 to 05-31 Refreshments for Meetings (March to May 2005) $401.30
03-04 Deputy Ministers' Retreat $57.12
03-09 Lunch Meeting for Coordinating Committee of Deputy Ministers $31.07
03-30 Breakfast Meeting with Senior Executive for Trade Policy and Law at Carleton University $25.70
04-01 Deputy Ministers' breakfast $13.30
04-06 Lunch Meeting For Coordinating Committee Of Deputy Ministers $12.07
04-15 Deputy Ministers' breakfast $12.85
04-15 Dinner hosted in honour of the Foreign Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister of England $612.61
04-19 Breakfast for Visit of the National Security Studies Course $138.59
04-22 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $11.72
04-29 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $14.39
05-06 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $15.53
05-12 Breakfast Meeting $29.37
05-27 Deputy Ministers' Retreat $152.41
06-03 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $13.34
06-10 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $12.26
06-10 Lunch Meeting for Coordinating Committee of Deputy Ministers $33.33
06-17 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $14.25
06-24 Privy Council Office/Foreign and Defence Policy Senior Management Retreat $302.86
06-30 Deputy Ministers' luncheon $50.39
08-25 Lunch Meeting $59.57
08-31 Deputy Minister Breakfast $15.38
08-31 Lunch Meeting for Coordinating Committee of Deputy Ministers $15.66
09-01 to 11-30 Refreshments for meetings (September to November 2005) $309.21
09-07 Lunch Meeting for Coordinating Committee of Deputy Ministers $27.03
09-09 Deputy Minister Breakfast $11.86
10-04 to 10-27 Refreshments for Meetings (September to November 2005) $109.38
10-05 Global Affairs and Canada-US Secretariats Retreat 2005: The New Secretariats - One Year On $1,062.50
10-07 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $13.78
10-21 Lunch-meeting for Coordinating Committee of Deputy Ministers $21.30
10-21 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $14.71
10-26 Lunch Meeting of Coordinating Committee of Deputy Ministers $17.92
10-28 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $11.35
11-02 Lunch Meeting for Coordinating Committee of Deputy Ministers $28.07
11-10 Lunch meeting $47.47
11-23 Deputy Ministers' breakfast $12.89
12-02 Refreshments for meetings (December 2005 to February 2006) $343.84
12-02 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $13.22
12-09 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $14.30
12-16 Deputy Ministers' Breakfast $28.17
*Total: $4,219.51

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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