Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Senior Level Employees (Historical)

Elcock, Ward P. D., Special Advisor on Human Smuggling (ending May 31, 2016)

Travel Expenses - 2014

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
03-27 Trip to Toronto for the International Studies Association Workshop $1,184.37
05-29 to 05-30 Trip to Toronto for a dinner hosted by The Atlantic Council of Canada $647.86
06-08 to 06-14 Trip to Conakry for a meeting with Guinean Senior Officials and international partners $15,472.31
07-31 to 08-13 Trip to Sydney and Canberra, in Australia, and Wellington, in New Zealand, for meetings $20,027.48
10-24 to 10-30 Trip to Bangkok for meetings with Thai Senior Government Officials on migrant smuggling $9,712.44
12-08 to 12-17 Trip to Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia and Jakarta, in Indonesia for meetings with Senior Officials $9,905.59
*Total: $56,950.05

Hospitality Expenses - 2014

Date(s) Event Description Cost
01-01 to 03-31 Coffee and refreshments for various meetings (January to March 2014) $44.94
01-20 Refreshments served to Foreign Officials $23.76
01-30 Luncheon with a Guinean Senior government officials $14.03
02-13 Lunch during trip to Dakar for a meeting with international partners $139.31
04-01 to 06-30 Coffee and refreshments for various meetings (April to June 2014) $26.86
04-04 Lunch during trip to Conakry for a meeting with international law enforcement officials $171.63
04-16 Lunch for a meeting on After Action Review/360 $326.97
06-11 Reception with Guinean Senior government officials and international partners $3,719.42
07-01 to 09-30 Coffee and refreshments for various meetings (July to September 2014) $9.65
10-23 Gifts as tokens of appreciation during bilateral meetings with international Senior Government Officials $153.21
11-05 Breakfast meeting during trip to Jakarta with Australian counterpart on migrant smuggling $23.09
*Total: $4,652.87

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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