Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Senior Level Employees (Historical)

Hogan, Christine, Foreign and Defence Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister (ending January 20, 2015)

Travel Expenses - 2011

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-18 to 01-19 Trip to Colorado Springs to attend the permanent Joint Board on Defence (government aircraft) $204.36
03-26 to 03-28 Trip to Calgary to attend the Inter-American Development Bank Annual Meeting $1,509.03
04-16 to 04-19 Trip to Nunavut to participate in Operation Nunalivut in Resolute Bay $1,742.59
05-01 Passport $225.00
06-17 to 06-24 Trip to participate in the 2011 Northern Tour (airfare paid by department of Foreign Affairs) $181.93
08-18 to 08-19 Trip to Washington DC, to accompany Stephen Rigby for an official visit $2,879.03
08-31 to 09-02 Accompany the Prime Minister to Trapani, Italy, for a government event, and Paris, France, for the meeting of the Libya Contact Group (government aircraft) $144.26
09-19 to 09-21 Accompany the Prime Minister to New York City, United States, for the United Nations General Assembly (government aircraft) $175.35
10-06 to 10-11 Trip to Washington DC for meetings and to attend the North American Forum and to New Haven for the Yale Forum at Yale University $1,853.30
10-25 to 10-31 Accompany the Prime Minister to Perth, Australia, for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (government aircraft) $635.43
11-02 to 11-04 Accompany the Prime Minister to Cannes, France, for the G-20 Summit (government aircraft) $85.67
11-11 to 11-14 Accompany the Prime Minister to Honolulu, Hawaii, for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and the North American Leaders' Summit (government aircraft used for part of the trip) $2,465.30
11-28 to 11-29 Trip to Toronto to attend the 2011 Leader's Symposium $563.35
12-06 to 12-09 Trip to Washington $2,655.92
*Total: $15,320.52

Hospitality Expenses - 2011

Date(s) Event Description Cost
03-01 to 05-31 Coffee and refreshments for various meetings (March to May 2011) $263.00
06-09 Lunch for a meeting of the Deputy Ministers' Committee $16.26
09-01 to 11-30 Coffee and refreshments for various meetings (September to November 2011) $97.26
10-17 Coffee, refreshments and muffins for the morning break "Hosting the Canadian Forces National Security Programme" $168.26
*Total: $544.78

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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