Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Senior Level Employees (Historical)

Jean, Daniel, Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet

Travel Expenses - 2010

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
04-15 to 04-17 Trip to Montebello $752.39
04-28 Trip to Cornwall for the Chief information officer executive Summit $94.88
04-30 Trip to Montréal for a field visit of a number of activity centres of Service Canada in Montréal $267.13
05-30 to 05-31 Trip to Toronto for a meeting $917.90
06-08 to 06-10 Trip to Victoria and Vancouver for presentation at the Pacific Federal Council and meetings with provincial officials $4,540.85
07-28 to 07-31 Trip to Toronto for a meeting with Carol Stephenson, External Advisor to the Administrative Services Review $637.52
09-07 to 09-10 Trip to Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Edmonton for meetings with the Manitoba Federal Council, Saskatoon Federal Council and the Alberta Federal Council $3,443.85
09-14 to 09-20 Trip to Fredericton and Halifax for meetings with the New-Brunswick Federal Council and Nova Scotia Federal Council and Toronto for a meeting $2,426.40
10-19 Trip to Toronto to speak at the Rotman School of Management $668.14
11-01 Passport picture $7.04
11-02 to 11-03 Trip to Montréal for a meeting with the Québec Federal Council $216.63
*Total: $13,972.73

Hospitality Expenses - 2010

Date(s) Event Description Cost
01-05 Lunch meeting $49.30
01-14 Attending a reception on behalf of the Clerk on the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami invitation "Taste of the Arctic" $190.48
01-19 Refreshments for a meeting to discuss Bombardier $30.40
01-20 Deputy Ministers’ Breakfast $11.53
01-27 Deputy Ministers’ Breakfast $10.71
02-10 Deputy Ministers’ Breakfast $10.50
02-11 Breakfast meeting to discuss Bombardier $91.30
02-11 to 02-12 Breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments for Deputy Minister’s retreat $121.10
02-22 Lunch meeting to discuss auto share holding $132.35
02-24 Deputy Ministers’ Breakfast $13.47
02-26 Breakfast and lunch for an Operation branch retreat $1,415.65
03-05 Deputy Ministers’ Breakfast $12.43
03-05 Lunch meeting with parliamentary program of the House of Commons $102.43
03-17 Deputy Ministers’ Breakfast $12.71
03-24 Deputy Ministers’ Breakfast $12.41
03-31 Deputy Ministers’ Breakfast $12.71
03-31 Working lunch $20.71
05-07 Working lunch with foreign guest $23.00
05-11 Lunch meeting cancellation $221.86
06-18 Reception for the public service week $74.87
07-13 Lunch and refreshments for External Services Workshop for employees from various departments that offer external services $759.99
07-22 Lunch for a Deputy Minister’s Committee meeting on Administrative Services Review $259.60
07-26 Refreshments for Executive Board Members $11.02
07-26 Lunch meeting with Maurice Chenier for Public Work and Government Services $37.76
07-27 Refreshments for an Administrative Services Review staff meeting $35.00
07-29 Breakfast meeting during trip to Toronto with the External Advisor on the Administrative Services Review $48.74
08-01 to 10-31 Coffee and refreshments for various meetings (August to October 2010) $642.98
08-04 Lunch meeting with Corine Charette from Treasury Board Secretariat $43.70
08-24 Refreshments for a meeting with external guests $35.00
09-13 Lunch meeting with team leaders $55.78
09-15 Lunch meeting during trip to Fredericton with officials of New Brunswick $52.91
09-24 Lunch meeting with team leaders $55.88
10-26 Dinner for a Deputy Minister’s Committee meeting on Administrative Services Review $282.25
*Total: $4,890.53

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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