Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Senior Level Employees (Historical)

Stewart, Rick, Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet (ending March 02, 2014)

Travel Expenses - 2010

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
04-13 Trip to Toronto $366.47
04-27 Trip to Montréal for a presentation to senior federal regional development managers on the Government's economic policy priorities and directions $106.67
09-21 to 09-25 Trip to Berlin (as Canada's senior-level delegate) to attend the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development meeting of Senior Officials from Centres of Government on the topic 'Ways out of Crisis Managing Fiscal Consolidation and Investing in Futur Growth" $2,777.86
10-15 to 10-20 Trip to the Kandahar area with the Canadian Forces 'Chief of Land Staff to see first-hand the scope and challenge of the Canadian Forces' mission operations and Canada's non-military reconstruction and development activities $3,270.56
*Total: $6,521.56

Hospitality Expenses - 2010

Date(s) Event Description Cost
02-18 Working dinner $49.48
04-01 to 06-30 Coffee and refreshments for various meetings (April to June 2010) $170.18
07-01 to 09-30 Coffee and refreshments for various meetings (July to September 2010) $161.07
10-01 to 12-31 Coffee and refreshments for various meetings (October to December 2010) $184.15
*Total: $564.88

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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