Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Senior Level Employees (Historical)

Harrison, Peter, Executive Director

Travel Expenses - 2006

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
05-17 to 05-23 Trip to London for meetings with United Kingdom's high commissioner and public appointments commission $5,618.71
06-11 to 06-15 Trip to Vancouver and Victoria for meetings with British Columbia's public appointments officials $3,722.46
08-13 to 08-19 Trip to Tuktoyaktuk to receive the HB Nichols Award for Coastal Zone Management Acheivement from the Coastal Zone Canada Association during their Annual Conference and Youth Forum for 2006 $4,935.40
09-20 to 09-22 Trip to Victoria to attend the Ocean Sciences Board meeting and various other meetings (trip recovered from various Parties) $3,697.93
09-23 to 09-24 Trip to Malmo to make a presentation to, and involvement in, the World Maritime University Graduating Class Policy (trip recovered from various parties) $5,274.92
11-05 to 11-06 Trip to Toronto to attend an Immigration and refugee board of Canada meeting as an observer $1,526.09
11-23 to 11-24 Trip to Kingston to attend a National Parole Board audience to learn about board member's experience and competencies $421.21
*Total: $25,196.72

Hospitality Expenses - 2006

Date(s) Event Description Cost
09-01 to 11-30 Coffee and refreshments for meetings (September to November 2006) $9.50
09-11 Breakfast for Departments Public Appointments Commission secretariat workshops $179.74
09-12 Breakfast for Agencies, Board and Commissions Public Appointments Commission secretariat workshops $179.74
09-17 Breakfast for Crown Corporation Public Appointments Commission secretariat workshops $179.74
09-19 Working lunch for the Public Appointment Process $47.37
10-10 Lunch meeting on the public appointments process $104.00
10-18 Refreshments for Deputy Ministers' meeting on public appointments process consultations $37.00
10-23 Refreshments for the Public Appointments Rountable wrap-up session $779.41
11-01 Coffee and refreshments for meetings $126.42
12-01 to 01-31 Coffee and refreshments for meetings (December 2006 to February 2007) $204.37
*Total: $1,847.29

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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