Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Senior Level Employees

Green, Martin, Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Intelligence Assessment

Travel Expenses - 2017

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-06 to 01-15 Trip to Israel and United Kingdom $12,297.46
02-23 to 02-24 Trip to Washington for bilateral meetings $1,208.60
03-05 to 03-07 Trip to Toronto for recruitment $1,379.82
03-24 to 04-01 Trip to Asia Pacific $16,098.19
06-27 to 06-29 Trip to attend conference and meetings in Washington (United States) $2,138.85
08-22 Commute to meeting in Meech Lake $42.54
09-12 to 09-14 Trip for meeting with experts in Washington (United States) $2,795.88
09-24 to 09-25 Trip for meetings with the provincial authorities in Toronto $926.27
10-28 to 11-02 Trip to Europe $11,621.55
*Total: $48,509.16

Hospitality Expenses - 2017

Date(s) Event Description Cost
02-17 Director of Operations - Lunch for the discussion with our US counterparts on items of mutual interest $80.35
03-07 Director of Europe- lunch and Refreshments for Colloque $272.00
03-23 Director of Europe and South Asia- Lunch, Refreshments for Colloque $880.00
03-28 Lunch for the Bilateral meeting $209.69
05-04 Lunch for the visit of foreign counterparts $107.49
06-05 Lunch for the visit of a Foreign head of delegation and liaison officer $44.35
06-05 Reception for foreign counterparts assessment meetings $392.00
06-05 to 06-07 Breakfast, lunch and refreshments for the Heads of Assessment meeting $9,643.50
06-06 Breakfast, lunch, Dinner, reception and refreshments to Canadian, United States, United Kingdom, Australian and New Zealand delegates and analysts attending the Heads of Assessment meeting $454.02
09-14 Lunch for meeting $72.46
10-31 to 11-01 Dinner and reception for delegates and analyst attending an analyst training $5,869.50
12-11 Lunch for the delegation $336.31
*Total: $18,361.67

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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