Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Senior Level Employees (Historical)

Carty, Arthur, National Science Advisor

Travel Expenses - 2006

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-09 to 01-14 Trip to Tucson to attend meetings and opening ceremony of Canadian Consulate in Tuscon / Trip to Los Angeles to attend Canada-California Summit $4,111.10
01-26 to 01-27 Trip to Montreal to speak at Longitude Social and Health Survey conference $697.65
02-15 to 02-18 Trip to St-Louis to attend the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting $2,534.76
02-22 to 02-23 Trip to Guelph for presentation at the Guelph University $886.93
03-09 to 03-10 Trip to Toronto to attend Communication Research Center Board meeting $1,186.86
03-12 to 03-14 Trip to Saskatoon to attend Board meeting for Canadian light source $2,959.89
03-25 to 03-27 Trip to Vancouver to attend the G10 Vice-Presidents Research meeting at the University of British Columbia $3,107.54
04-23 to 04-28 Trip to Los Angeles, Montreal and Toronto to speak at the Milken Institute Global Conference, the Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee Conference and the Conference Board of Canada $4,378.76
05-05 Trip to Toronto to attend the Intel Youth Science Foundation International Science fair $186.83
*Total: $20,050.32

Hospitality Expenses - 2006

Date(s) Event Description Cost
02-02 Working lunch $56.60
02-15 Breakfast with Nobel Laureate Dr. R. Taylor of Standford University $35.96
02-20 Working lunch (science Deputy Minister's meeting) $38.80
02-22 Working lunch $22.01
02-27 Working lunch with Consul General of Los Angeles and supporters of the California-Canada Innovation Partnership summit $316.25
02-28 Dinner meeting with Presidents of Research agencies, Councils, and Foundations $670.65
03-01 to 05-31 Coffee and refreshments for meetings (March to May 2006) $11.64
03-03 Lunch with Assistant Deputy Minister of Industry Canada $49.76
03-07 Lunch with Executive Director of Perimeter Institute $31.85
03-09 Lunch meeting $35.96
03-10 Working lunch $37.86
03-28 Lunch for guests of the Science and Technology Policy Seminar $307.44
03-28 Reception for guests and attendees of the Science and Technology Policy Seminar $1,190.39
03-29 Working lunch $19.88
03-30 Working lunch $19.88
04-05 Lunch meeting $52.92
04-18 Lunch and refreshments for a meeting $69.43
04-28 Working lunch $45.28
*Total: $3,012.56

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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