Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Senior Level Employees (Historical)

Carty, Arthur, National Science Advisor

Travel Expenses - 2004

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
04-19 to 04-20 Trip to Washington to attend G8 Science and Technology Experts Meeting $1,842.18
04-30 Trip to Charlottetown to attend Canada Council of Dean of Science Meeting $1,585.67
05-02 to 05-03 Trip to Toronto to speak at Congress 2004 $876.74
05-06 to 05-07 Trip to Columbus, Ohio to attend a Meeting with the Battelle Corporation $1,692.97
05-10 to 05-11 Trip to Saskatoon to attend Canadian Light Source Inc. Board of Directors 17th Meeting and Dinner $1,748.10
05-28 to 05-31 Trip to Kelowna to receive Honorary Doctorate in Technology from Okanagan University (portion of expenses recoverable from other source) $3,221.43
06-01 to 06-07 Trip to Paris to attend "European Research towards Scientific Excellence and Economic Growth" Conference and Trip to Talloires to attend 27th Meeting of "Carnegie Group" $7,876.74
06-09 to 06-11 Trip to Calgary to receive Honorary Degree from University of Calgary and deliver Convocation Address (portion of expenses recoverable from other source) $1,758.62
06-16 to 06-18 Trip to Edmonton to be Keynote Speaker at Canada Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum (portion of expenses recoverable from other source) $1,358.37
06-29 to 06-30 Trip to Toronto - Keynote Speaker at Information Technology Association of Canada's Annual Chair dinner $943.41
07-09 Trip to Pointe-Claire to visit the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada $155.03
07-12 Visit to MDS Nordion's Operations building in Kanata $38.36
08-29 to 08-31 Trip to Edmonton for International Conference on the Commercialization of Micro and Nanosystems $927.00
09-13 to 09-14 Trip to Calgary - Speaker at Alberta Ingenuity Fund (portion of expenses recoverable from other source) $907.25
09-16 Trip to Toronto - Speaker for Canadian French Chamber of Commerce $491.51
09-26 to 09-27 Trip to Toronto - Speaker at the Hydrogen Fuel Cells 2004 Conference $958.48
10-01 to 10-02 Trip to Waterloo to attend the Grand Opening of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics $1,032.61
10-04 to 10-05 Trip to Montreal and Toronto - Speaker for the 4th World Conference of Science Journalists and CASCON Conference $894.35
10-06 to 10-07 Trip to Kingston - Speaker at the Conference Board of Canada $378.33
10-12 to 10-13 Trip to Kingston to speak at Biotechnology Breakfast Series and to attend various meetings with Queen's University personnel and private sector officials $258.60
10-17 to 10-18 Trip to Regina to speak to the Board of Directors of the Canada Foundation for Innovation $2,712.48
10-20 to 10-26 Trip to Saskatoon and Victoria to attend Canadian Light Source Opening and the Oceans 2004 Conference $4,756.33
11-03 Trip to Toronto to attend the Toronto Conference Board's round table on commercialization $1,026.04
11-11 to 11-17 Trip to Bangkok and Tapei for APEC Technology Foresight Network International Board of Directors Meeting and visit to Taiwan $10,210.37
12-02 to 12-07 Trip to Venice for Carnegie G8 Meeting and Trip to Trieste for Meeting with the President of Trieste Science Park $6,866.97
12-14 to 12-15 Trip to Toronto - Speaker at the University of Toronto's Distinguished Lecturer Series (expenses recoverable from other source) $826.21
*Total: $55,344.15

Hospitality Expenses - 2004

Date(s) Event Description Cost
05-13 Lunch with Senior Business Development Officer, Canadian Embassy Rome, Italy to discuss Canada-Italy science and technology relations and collaboration $28.89
05-13 Refreshments for meeting to discuss innovations and commercialization $25.00
05-20 Breakfast meeting $9.80
06-02 Gift for the French Minister $53.94
06-03 Dinner $78.50
06-22 Lunch to discuss biotechnology, commercialization and interactions with University of Ottawa $38.96
06-24 Breakfast meeting with chief scientist at Natural Resources Canada $9.11
07-05 Lunch to discuss "Science and Society" survey $30.21
07-06 Refreshments for interdepartmental meeting on commercialization $45.00
07-06 Lunch meeting to discuss models of commercialization $99.38
07-13 Refreshments for strategic planning meeting $20.00
07-14 Lunch to discuss commercialization and the private sector input to risk financing $56.76
08-18 Coffee - for various office meetings $18.93
08-18 Lunch Meeting to discuss International Polar Year, Oceans, etc. $19.58
08-23 Lunch meeting $18.72
08-24 Breakfast meeting to discuss Commercialisation and TRIUMF, etc. $12.46
08-26 Breakfast meeting to discuss commercialisation $13.82
09-02 Working Lunch with Science & Technology Advisor to the US Secretary of State $361.94
09-09 Dinner Meeting - Planning for Senior Officials Meeting $82.70
09-15 Lunch Meeting to discuss Canada and France's Science and Technology Relationship $67.20
09-20 Lunch meeting $16.46
09-20 Refreshments for Meeting $20.61
09-23 Breakfast Meeting $20.12
09-23 Dinner Meeting $67.90
09-24 Lunch Meeting to discuss Canada and France's Science and Technology Relationship $66.25
09-29 Breakfast Meeting $10.15
10-01 Breakfast Meeting to discuss innovation and technology strategies $9.11
10-05 Breakfast Meeting $94.64
10-06 Coffee - for various office meetings $4.25
10-07 Dinner with presidents of research councils, agencies and foundations $576.17
10-12 Breakfast Meeting to discuss Oceans strategy and conference $9.11
10-14 Breakfast meeting $7.24
10-15 Lunch round-table meeting with various Deputy Ministers $919.02
10-19 Breakfast meeting $18.26
10-19 Deputy Ministers' Dinner & Speechwriter Forum 2005 $1,200.35
10-20 Breakfast meeting $20.07
11-01 Refreshments for meeting with delegation from Finland $50.00
11-02 Refreshement for Meeting $2.37
11-19 Lunch Meeting with the National Research Council Canada to discuss Information Technology Policy $25.66
11-23 Dinner Meeting to discuss Canadian Bioproducts and Sustainable Economy $62.94
11-23 Dinner for Vietnamese delegation $183.64
11-24 Deputy Ministers' Dinner $1,487.55
11-26 Lunch for South African Delegation and Delegates from various Government Departments $265.00
12-01 Lunch meeting $29.23
12-01 Dinner for the Heads of Agencies and Foundations $853.67
12-09 Lunch with the Vice President - Research University of British Columbia and President Elect University of Alberta $34.51
12-22 Coffee for a guest $1.18
*Total: $7,146.36

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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