Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Ministers and their exempt staff (Historical)

MacDougall, Andrew, Associate Director of Communications (ending March 31, 2012)

Travel Expenses - 2010

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-20 Accompany Prime Minister to Toronto for meetings to discuss government business (governernment aircraft) $48.58
03-19 to 03-22 Accompany Prime Minister to Brandon for a Government announcement and Vancouver for a Government announcement and Paralympic activities (government aircraft) $798.74
04-07 Accompany Prime Minister to Sudbury, ON for an event to pay tribute to Capt. Ray Wiss, M.D. (government aircraft) $75.98
04-15 to 04-18 Accompany Prime Minister to Mississauga, ON for the Polish memorial service (government aircraft) $531.54
05-04 to 05-08 Accompany Prime Minister to Brussels, Belgium for the Canada-European Union Summit, Amsterdam, The Hague and Bergen Op Zoom, Kingdom of the Netherlands for the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia and Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany for an Official visit (government aircraft) $265.33
06-23 to 06-28 Accompany Prime Minister to Toronto and Muskoka, ON for the Air India Memorial Service and the G8 and G20 Summits (government aircraft) $260.15
08-09 to 08-12 Accompany Prime Minister to Vancouver, BC Cranbrook, BC Barrie, ON for government announcements and events (government aircraft) $747.71
09-08 to 09-10 Accompany Prime Minister to Bowser, Nanaimo and Victoria, B.C. and Saskatoon, SK for government events (government aircraft) $337.89
11-08 to 11-09 Accompany Prime Minister to Winnipeg, MB for lauch of economic consultations (government aircraft) $198.15
11-09 to 11-14 Accompany Prime Minister to Seoul, South Korea for the G20 Summit and Yokohama, Japan for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (government aircraft) $335.48
12-02 Accompany the Prime Minister to Mississauga, ON for a government announcement (governmen aircraft) $37.50
*Total: $3,637.05

Hospitality Expenses - 2010

There are no hospitality expenses listed for the selected person and year.

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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