Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Ministers and their exempt staff (Historical)

Baird, Honourable John, Minister

Travel Expenses - 2011

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-20 to 01-23 Travel to London for meeting with Canada Lands Company, media interviews, small business pre-budget roudtables, Tour of London Air Cargo facility $1,616.34
02-04 to 02-07 Trip to Simi Valley to represent Government of Canada for official ceremonies celebrating 100th birthday of President Reagan $1,665.75
03-13 to 03-14 Travel to Sudbury to attend and participate in meetings and an infrastructure announcement $1,547.60
03-17 to 03-18 Travel to Regina and Moose Jaw to participate in local media interviews, attend a Western Diversification announcement, and meet with local stakeholders $1,190.01
05-12 to 05-14 Travel to Montréal to attend McCarthy event and other meetings $559.31
*Total: $6,579.01

Hospitality Expenses - 2011

Date(s) Event Description Cost
02-03 Dinner meeting $38.00
02-08 Dinner meeting $117.00
05-16 Lunch meeting $31.70
*Total: $186.70

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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