Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Ministers and their exempt staff (Historical)

Ambrose, Honourable Rona, Minister

Travel Expenses - 2007

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
02-10 Trip to Brampton to be a guest speaker at the Federation of Portuguese Canadian Business and Professionals excellence awards $777.16
02-23 Hotel room cancellation fees in Vancouver $201.86
02-25 to 02-26 Trip to Winnipeg for the announcement of funding for the Centre of Aboriginal Human Resources Development's Neeginan Institute of Applied Technology $2,303.16
03-01 to 03-10 Trip to Edmonton for the announcement of funding for the Canada-Alberta Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund $1,293.48
04-01 to 04-02 Trip to Saskatoon for a meeting with regional office employees on Western Economic Diversification $457.86
04-04 to 04-10 Trip to Vimy with Minister Thompson (trip paid by Veterans Affairs Canada ,government aircraft) $1,464.14
04-11 to 04-15 Trip to Calgary to address The Public Policy Forum on open federalism and the new Alberta $1,083.66
05-03 to 05-07 Trip to Edmonton for various meetings $2,778.48
05-17 Trip to Waterloo for a Science and Technology announcement (government aircraft) $0.00
05-22 to 05-23 Trip to Regina (trip cancelled / credit to file) $529.44
06-05 Senator Pat Carney traveled on behalf of Minister Rona Ambrose to Vancouver $327.75
06-26 to 06-30 Trip to San Francisco to attend a Trade and Investment Mission $3,031.15
07-04 to 07-06 Trip to Vancouver to attend a Science and Technology Roundtable $1,825.33
07-12 to 07-22 Trip to Brazil to attend official meetings and opening of the Pan-American Games $10,679.96
07-23 to 07-24 Trip to Winnipeg and Toronto to meet with Provincial Counterparts (credit to receive for part of airfare) $3,174.75
09-05 to 09-07 Trip to Edmonton and Regina $2,485.29
09-09 to 09-12 Trip to St.Andrews By-The-Sea to attend Diplomatic Forum and to Prince Rupert for the opening of the Prince Rupert container terminal $5,230.60
10-01 to 10-02 Trip to Montreal and Edmonton to host a science and technology roundtable $1,690.23
10-08 to 10-09 Trip to Saskatoon to host a science and technology roundtable $3,122.09
10-11 to 10-12 Trip to Halifax to host a science and technology roundtable $1,931.27
10-14 to 10-15 Trip to Toronto to host a Science and Technology roundtable $893.99
10-19 to 10-21 Trip to Calgary to present awards at the Astech dinner and Edmonton to make an announcement for the Aboriginal Women's Professional Association $3,685.58
10-26 to 10-28 Trip to Edmonton to make a Western Economic Diversification announcement at the Alberta Art Gallery and to attend a celebration with the Aboriginal community $1,823.49
11-02 to 11-11 Trip to New Delhi to attend the 4th International Conference on Federalism $7,389.84
11-22 to 11-25 Trip to Edmonton to meet with constituents and stakeholders and to conduct the Peace medal ceremony at the new headquarters $2,915.91
11-28 to 12-04 Trip to Edmonton to make a Western Economic Diversification announcement at the grand opening of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Shell Centre and to attend meetings with Western Economic Diversification stakeholders $2,827.84
*Total: $63,924.31

Hospitality Expenses - 2007

Date(s) Event Description Cost
01-25 Business dinner $334.82
02-09 Lunch meeting to discuss issues on Western Economic Diversification $48.10
04-25 Business dinner $45.23
05-31 Dinner-meeting on Intergovernmental Affairs $60.48
07-31 Staff lunch meeting to discuss Minister porfolios $189.94
09-11 Refreshments for a meeting during the trip to Vancouver $7.94
10-02 Refreshments for a business meeting during trip to Montreal $8.16
10-09 Thank you cards for business functions $5.72
10-10 Business lunch meeting $224.32
10-30 Dinner meeting with military police Steven Fletcher to discuss ministerial business $71.13
11-07 Business leaders lunch hosted by Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs during trip to India $953.69
11-07 Young scholars dinner during trip to India $567.79
11-29 Lunch meeting to discuss ministerial business $24.55
12-03 Lunch meeting to discuss ministerial business $33.92
*Total: $2,575.79

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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