Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Ministers and their exempt staff (Historical)

Cadario, Michele, Deputy Chief of Staff - Operations

Travel Expenses - 2004

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
07-06 Trip to Sun Valley, Idaho (government aircraft) $217.92
08-11 to 08-15 Accompany Prime Minister to Northern Canada and Nova Scotia (government aircraft used for part of trip) $2,243.67
09-03 to 09-09 Trip to Vancouver and Kelowna (government aircraft used for part of the trip) $2,727.03
09-23 to 09-24 Accompany Prime Minister to Winnipeg (government aircraft) $167.91
10-10 to 10-16 Accompany Prime Minister to Russia, France and Hungary (Government aircraft used for part of the trip) $2,616.58
11-11 to 11-12 Accompany Prime Minister to Vancouver (Government aircraft) $196.29
11-19 to 11-28 Accompany Prime Minister to Brazil, Burkina Faso and Sudan (Government aircraft used for part of the trip) $3,003.40
12-18 to 12-20 Accompany Prime Minister to Libya and Goose Bay(government aircraft) $327.94
*Total: $11,500.74

Hospitality Expenses - 2004

Date(s) Event Description Cost
07-23 Business Lunch $78.55
11-01 Refreshments for Meeting $25.00
11-15 Business dinner $85.18
12-07 Reception - refreshments and snacks $340.36
12-09 Refreshments for Meeting $25.25
12-09 Refreshments for Meeting $25.25
*Total: $579.59

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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