Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Ministers and their exempt staff (Historical)

Galadza, Larisa, Senior Policy Advisor

Travel Expenses - 2006

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
04-19 to 04-24 Trip to Fergus for a Strategic Planning Retreat $584.50
04-27 to 04-30 Accompany Minister Chong to Toronto to attend meetings with Greater Toronto Airport Authority Council, Toronto Board of Trade and Special Olympics Congress $804.14
08-10 to 08-13 Accompany Minister and Deputy Minister to Toronto for the Quay to the City: Summer 2006 and for the Couchiching Conference $1,450.62
09-23 Accompany Minister to Toronto for a meeting $629.06
10-17 to 10-18 Trip to Halifax to meet with the bid committee and funding partners for the Commonwealth Games $1,101.37
11-02 to 11-05 Trip to Vancouver to attend the Petro-Canada Sport Leadership Sportif 2006 Conference $1,919.35
11-20 Trip to Montreal to attend the World Anti-Doping Agency Meeting $460.84
11-25 to 11-26 Trip to Toronto to attend a Strategic Planning Meeting $492.43
*Total: $7,442.31

Hospitality Expenses - 2006

Date(s) Event Description Cost
04-18 Working dinner $17.07
10-23 Reception for the Forum of Federations $613.00
10-26 Refreshments for a business meeting $12.69
*Total: $642.76

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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