Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Ministers and their exempt staff (Historical)

Soudas, Dimitris, Director, Communications (ending September 5, 2011)

Travel Expenses - 2008

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-14 to 01-17 Advance trip and accompany the Prime Ministre to Prince Albert to announce funding for Saskatchewan under new national Community Development Trust (government aircraft) $141.56
01-21 Trip to Montreal for meetings with officials from the Quebec government $291.87
02-06 to 02-09 Advance trip and accompany Prime Minister to Quebec City for the Carnaval (government aircraft) $290.87
02-15 to 02-17 Accompany Prime Minister to Montreal to announce changes in the senior ranks of the Public Service $539.66
03-10 to 03-11 Accompany Prime Minister to Toronto and Vancouver for an announcement on three new federal-provincial agreements with British Columbia (government aircraft used for part of trip) $1,083.85
03-13 to 03-16 Accompany Prime Minister to Sarasota (government aircraft) $1,251.05
03-19 Accompany Prime Minister to London and Guelph to announce additional funding for free MedicAlert bracelets for children (government aircraft) $46.75
03-24 to 03-25 Accompany Prime Minister to Estevan to announce a major carbon capture and storage project with Saskatchewan $1,528.78
03-31 to 04-05 Accompany Prime Minister to Bucharest, Gdansk and Krakow for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Summit (governmet aircraft) $608.91
04-21 to 04-22 Accompany Prime Minister to New Orleans for the North American Leaders Summit (government aircraft) $97.11
04-24 Accompany Prime Ministre to Laval for the Chamber of Commerce luncheon (government aircraft) $47.33
04-30 to 05-02 Accompany Prime Minister to Alberta, New Brunswick and Quebec City for various publics events (government aircraft) $714.28
05-08 Accompany Prime Minister to Toronto for a roundtable meeting (government aircraft) $34.95
05-12 Accompany Prime Minister to Halifax to unveil Canada First Defence Strategy (government aircraft) $11.61
05-15 to 05-18 Accompany Prime Minister to Quebec City for the International Ice Hockey Federation Gala (government aircraft) $1,481.25
05-26 to 05-29 Accompany Prime Minister to Paris, Rome, Bonn and London to address the United Nations Conference on the Convention on Biological Diversity (government aircraft) $543.21
06-02 Trip to Quebec City for meeting with Quebec government officials $576.71
06-18 Trip to Quebec City for meetings with Quebec government officials $528.80
06-19 to 06-20 Accompany Prime Minister to Huntsville, Saskatoon and Regina for various public events (government aircraft) $258.84
07-03 Accompany the Prime Minister to events to Quebec City $906.04
08-18 to 08-19 Accompany Prime Minister to Hamilton, London and Kitchener for various public events (government aircraft) $244.99
08-21 Trip to Montréal for a Francophonie Summit meeting $182.29
09-05 Trip to Montréal for a Minister's regional office meeting $290.01
10-16 to 10-18 Advance trip and accompany Prime Minister to Quebec City to officially open the 12th Francophonie Summit (government aircraft used for part of the trip) $2,126.52
11-21 to 11-23 Accompany Prime Minister to Lima for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (government aircraft) $169.69
*Total: $13,996.93

Hospitality Expenses - 2008

There are no hospitality expenses listed for the selected person and year.

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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