Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Ministers and their exempt staff (Historical)

Soudas, Dimitris, Director, Communications (ending September 5, 2011)

Travel Expenses - 2007

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-11 Accompany Prime Minister to Toronto for a visit to the Hospital for Sick Children and the Wajid Khan event (government aircraft) $44.77
01-18 Accompany Prime Minister to Victoria for various public events (government aircraft) $91.07
02-09 to 02-10 Accompany Prime Minister to Halifax for the announcement of the renaming of Halifax International Airport (government aircraft) $199.70
02-12 Accompany Prime Minister to Sherbrooke for his announcement on new ecoTrust Canada (government aircraft) $23.77
02-16 to 02-17 Accompany Prime Minister to open the Health Partners International of Canada Distribution Centre in Mississauga and to attend the chinese Lunar New Year celebration in Toronto (government aircraft) $597.42
02-23 to 02-24 Accompany Prime Minister to the 2007 Canada Winter games (government aircraft) $246.70
03-08 to 03-09 Accompany Prime Minister to Edmonton for his announcement on ecoTrust funding for Alberta and to Saskatoon for his announcement of the $1 billion for Canadian farmers (government aircraft) $238.33
03-12 to 03-14 Accompany Prime Minister to Vancouver for his announcement on the ecoTrust funding for British Colombia and to Toronto for his announcement on support for national land conservation campaign (government aircraft) $455.83
03-29 to 03-30 Accompany Prime Minister to Montreal to attend and deliver brief remarks at a tribute dinner for Jean Béliveau (government aircraft) $212.13
04-07 to 04-09 Accompany Prime Minister to Verlinghem, Arras and Vimy for various public events (government aircraft) $163.42
04-11 to 04-12 Accompany Ian Brodie to Quebec City for meetings $1,125.74
05-03 to 05-04 Accompany Prime Minister Vancouver to speak to the International Conference on Gateways and Corridors (government aircraft) $271.95
05-17 to 05-18 Meetings with Montreal and Quebec officials $625.87
05-20 Accompany Prime Minister to Kandahar to address the Canadian troops (government aircraft) $56.89
06-03 to 06-06 Accompany Prime Minister to Berlin and Heiligendamm to participate in Canada-European Union and G8 Summits and to Paris for meetings (government aircraft used for part of trip) $3,948.35
07-04 to 07-11 Accompany Prime Minister to Halifax, Saskatoon and Calgary for various public events (government aircraft used for part of trip) $3,268.45
07-12 Trip to Montreal for a working dinner with federal government officials $250.19
08-05 Trip to Edmonton $961.17
08-06 to 08-08 Accompagny Prime Minister to Calgary and Yellowknife for various public events (government aircraft) $1,162.82
08-15 to 08-20 Accompany Prime Minister to meet with foreign leaders of four countries of Latin America and Caribbean (government aircraft) $492.74
08-20 to 08-21 Accompany Prime Minister to Montebello for the North American Leaders' Summit $61.66
09-04 to 09-12 Accompany Prime Minister to Sydney and Canberra for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit 2007 (government aircraft) $568.84
10-25 to 10-27 Accompany Prime Minister to Thunderbay, Nipigon, Dryden, Kenora and Valcartier for various public events (governement aircraft) $549.62
11-05 to 11-08 Accompany Prime Minister to Fort McMurray, Golden, Vancouver and Toronto for various public events (government aircraft) $608.34
11-21 to 11-26 Accompany Prime Minister to Africa for the Commonwealth Summit (government aircraft) $313.46
11-30 to 12-01 Accompany Prime Minister to St. John's for his announcement about the aboriginal status for Newfoundland's Mi’kmaq (government aircraft) $262.59
12-08 to 12-17 Accompany Minister John Baird to Indonesia for meetings with the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (part of airfare paid by Environment Canada) $14,441.62
*Total: $31,243.44

Hospitality Expenses - 2007

There are no hospitality expenses listed for the selected person and year.

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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