Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Ministers and their exempt staff (Historical)

Harper, Right Honourable Stephen Joseph, Prime Minister

Travel Expenses - 2006

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
04-01 Passports for the Prime Minister, Laureen Diane Harper, Benjamin Stephen Harper and Rachel Dawn Harper $640.00
04-11 to 04-13 Trip to St. John's to address the St. John's Board of Trade and to Gander for the reopening of the Gander Weather Forecast Office (government aircraft) $739.00
04-17 to 04-18 Trip to Winnipeg to attend the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce luncheon and for the address on crimes involving weapons, gangs and drugs (government aircraft) $548.66
04-17 to 04-18 Trip to Moncton to take part in a private roundtable on neighborhood safety (government aircraft) $520.00
05-04 to 05-05 Trip to Quebec City to meet with Quebec Premier Jean Charest for the signature of an agreement establishing a formal role for Quebec in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (government aircraft) $515.90
05-24 to 05-25 Trip to Vancouver for the announcement on Anti-Street Racing Legislation (government aircraft) $415.80
06-18 Trip to Vancouver to address the World Urban Forum (government aircraft) $284.90
06-21 to 06-23 Trip to Quebec City for a Cabinet Retreat (government aircraft) $633.00
07-25 to 07-26 Trip to Moncton and Hopewell Cape for a tourism announcement and to attend a Members reception (goverment aircraft) $440.00
08-06 to 08-07 Trip to Vancouver for the Gadri Babiyian Da Mela Festival (governement aircraft) $209.00
08-15 to 08-18 Trip to Whitehorse and to Yellowknife for various public events (government aircraft) $686.00
08-24 to 08-25 Trip to St Mary's to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and to Stratford to attend a performance of Oliver $139.00
08-30 to 08-31 Trip to Regina for the announcement of the upgrade of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Training Academy and major investment in Royal Canadian Mounted Police training and recruitment and to Vancouver for the announcement of the increased support for 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (government aircraft) $446.28
09-17 Mrs. Harper's trip to New York for the United Nations General Assembly Spouse Program $652.29
10-05 to 10-06 Trip to Calgary to attend the Woodrow Wilson Award Dinner and to visit the Gunnar Office Furnishing facility (government aircraft) $1,155.44
10-09 to 10-10 Trip to Vancouver for various public events $220.00
10-11 to 10-12 Trip to Toronto for the announcement of the new measures to protect Canadians from dangerous offenders and to attend the Abilities Centre Dream Gala Dinner (government aircraft) $342.90
10-18 to 10-21 Trip to Toronto for various public events (government aircraft) $867.88
*Total: $9,456.05

Hospitality Expenses - 2006

Date(s) Event Description Cost
03-23 Lunch meeting with public servants $5,500.45
12-18 Refreshments and snacks provided for the media for the Prime Minister's interviews $1,031.77
*Total: $6,532.22

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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