Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports

Beauchemin, Simon, Manager, Canada-US Relations

Travel Expenses - 2017

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
02-01 Diplomatic Passport used for official travel with the Prime Minister (Passport is government property and not used for personal travel) $225.00
03-16 to 03-19 Trip for meetings with provincial government and Ambassador McNaughton in Montreal $218.94
08-15 to 08-20 Trip to participate in the first round of North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiations in Washington (United States) $3,288.89
11-16 to 11-22 Trip to attend the North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations in Mexico City (Mexico) $2,979.69
*Total: $6,712.52

Hospitality Expenses - 2017

There are no hospitality expenses listed for the selected person and year.

*Total does not include applicable taxes

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