Federation Maps and Fact Sheets for Russia

Flag: Russia

Official name Russian Federation
Population 142,893,540 (2006 est.)
Capital Moscow

Constituent units

  • 89 constituent units:
    • 21 republics;
    • 6 territories (kraya);
    • 49 regions (oblasts);
    • 2 federal cities: Moscow and St-Petersburg;
    • 1 Jewish region;
    • 10 autonomous areas (okraga).
    The 89 constituent units of the Russian federation are enumerated in article 65 of the Constitution.

Constitutional distribution of legislative powers

Legislative Institutions

Official language

Russian is the official language at the federal level. The Republics have the constitutional right to institute their own state language(s) alongside Russian in their institutions.

  • The Constitution of the Russian Federation, in particular Chapter 3: Article 68

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