Federation Maps and Fact Sheets for Germany

Flag: Germany

Official name Federal Republic of Germany
Population 82,365,000 (2006)
Capital Berlin

Constituent units

  • 16 states (Länder): Baden-Württemberg; Bavaria; Brandenburg; Hesse; Lower Saxony; Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania; North Rhine-Westphalia; Rhineland-Palatinate; Saarland; Saxony; Saxony-Anhalt; Schleswig-Holstein; Thuringia and the city-states of Berlin; Bremen; Hamburg.

Constitutional distribution of powers

  • The Basic Law (Constitution), in particular:
    • The Federation and the States (Art. 23, 24, 28- 34, 37)
    • Federal Legislative Powers (Art. 70-75 and 79)
    • Execution of Statutes and Federal Administration (Art. 83 and 91)
    • Joint Tasks (Art. 91a and 91b)

Legislative institutions

Official language

  • German

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